Applicants for the Cohousing Coop need to comply with eligibility requirements for Public Housing at Housing Tasmania.

This includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. are low income earners (are eligible for a Commonwealth Health Card Card);

  2. are residents of Australia living in Tasmania;

  3. are 16 years of age or older; and

  4. have financial assets less than $35,000 (for the total household and no house anywhere).

Also, at least one member of the proposed new household must demonstrate an interest in the Co-operative, by contacting the Secretary via the below form.

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Do you currently satisfy all of the above eligibility requirements? *




The Cohousing Co-operative Ltd is funded as a resident managed co-operative. Under the terms of our agreement with the Housing Department, 80% of residents must be eligible for public housing (ie holder of a health care card, income and asset limits etc), and the other 20% must not be home owners and must declare that their income and assets are within the limits defined by the co-op. 

A list of interested persons/households will be maintained by the Secretary. They will be contacted when a house is known to be falling vacant.

The decision on who is chosen to fill a vacant house will be made by current active member residents considering the relative merits of each contacted applicant based on the selection criteria and the outcome of the interviewing process

The criteria are designed to ensure the process of allocating vacant houses is fair and equitable with due consideration given to the needs of people for housing, balanced with the Co-op's own needs for a vibrant, diverse and involved cohousing membership.

For more information on the selection criteria, please refer to this link.