The Cohousing Co-operative is part of Tasmania's Social Housing.

The Co-operative is a member-resident, tenant-managed housing co-operative.

It was funded under the Community Housing Program which seeks to encourage local community groups (including tenants and residents groups) to provide affordable housing. Housing Co-operatives allow members to manage their own housing under this program. Founded in 1991, the Co-operative chose a Danish housing model, Cohousing, as its preferred housing model. Most cohousing developments are not co-operatives. The property in Cascades is developed as a cohousing community with 12 houses and a commonhouse. Another single household property is managed in Ferntree.

Housing is open to Tasmanian residents who must rent somewhere to live (they do not own property), though generally we give priority to people who meet housing need criteria.

The Co-operative was started with some assistance from our sibling, Cascade Cohousing— a strata title equity cohousing project, and which is only 300 metres away. It took nearly a decade for the group to gain full funding, identify a site, purchase, design and build.

Read the story of one of the founders, Linda, here.

The Cohousing site consists of 12 self-contained dwellings and a common-house. The dwellings range in size from two to five bedrooms, and the common-house contains a dining room, kitchen, lounge area, common laundry, guest flat and office. The layout follows a classic cohousing street and courtyard cohousing design, with the common car-park at the entry to the property and the common-house between the car-park and the dwellings. The overall design allows for by the way meetings between residents, and the effect is of a village-like street-scape without cars and where children can play under kitchen-sink supervision. Read our Strategic Plan for more information.

What is Cohousing?

Developed in Denmark, Cohousing is a modern style of housing development based on the village. It includes a common house that has a kitchen and dining facilities to cater for all residents when desired, as well as any common facilities a cohousing group may choose to provide. These often include a shared laundry, guest accommodation, children's playroom, workshop, etc.

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What is a Co-operative?

A housing cooperative is a legal association formed for the purpose of providing housing to its members on a continuing basis. It is owned and controlled by its members. A cooperative is distinguished from other housing associations by its ownership structure and its commitment to cooperative principles.

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